The chances are that you don’t think a lot about the health of your roof, but the fact is that damage to a roof can lead to major problems. Over time, exposure to rain, sun, hail, wind, and snow can damage a roof, so what signs should you look for?

When to Call a Roofing Company

If you notice any of the following issues, you should seriously consider calling a roofing company in Leamington Spa:

  • Visual signs: Every now and again you should do a quick visual inspection of your roof. If you see any cracks in tiles, loose tiles, missing tiles, or other damage, this could be allowing rainwater to get inside the roof space. This can cause additional damage, such as electrical damage, damage to the insulation, and damage to wooden structures.
  • Water damage: As rainwater enters the roof space, it will cause damage. This will eventually lead to pooling water on the ceiling and may cause it to soak through and cause water damage. This can be seen from inside the house as black mould spots, or brown, black, or grey patches or circles.
  • Dripping noises: If you happen to hear constant dripping noises on the ceiling during a heavy rain shower, it’s likely that rainwater is getting inside through a crack or hole.


The health of your roof is important and most of us forget that it keeps us safe from the elements. If you happen to notice any of the above-mentioned signs of roof damage, you should call a roofing company as soon as possible to mitigate further costs.