Running a family home is certainly a big responsibility and there are many things that can, and do, go wrong. Blocked drains, leaking roofs and dampness are all things that could affect your property, and with that in mind, here are five essential domestic service numbers that you should store in your smartphone, in case of emergency.

  • Roofing Contractor – Aside from obvious emergencies, your local roofing contractor would be able to carry out an annual roof inspection, which would include cleaning out the guttering and inspecting the entire roof, looking for minor issues. Even a missing roof tile could end up causing a lot of damage, especially if it goes unnoticed, and regular roof inspections will ensure that you have no nasty surprises waiting for you regarding your roof.
  • Emergency Locksmith – No one wants to get locked out of their home, but it does happen; you pop out to get the morning mail, a gust of wind and that’s it, you are locked out of your home. Rather than risk damaging your home, simply call a Baldivis locksmith and he will be happy to pick the lock and gain access for you. You should, of course, have a system in place that can be used in such a situation, or you could have a keyless access control system installed and say goodbye to those bulky keys forever. The locksmith can also supply and install any home security system, so if you think your home security is lacking in any way, talk to your local locksmith.
  • Emergency Plumber – Plumbing issues can occur at any time, and should you have the bad luck to experience a burst water pipe in the middle of the night, calling the emergency plumber is your best bet. The plumber can also unblock drains, something else that you might need at some point in the future, and even a leaking tap needs to be fixed. If you do have a blocked drain, identifying the blockage can be the most difficult part, and by using a specialist plumber who has CCTV solutions, the blockage can be quickly located.
  • Electrician – Your electrical system is indeed very complex and issues can be frequent, so anytime you have any power issues, your local electrician is always at hand. If you find that you need a few more power sockets around the house, or would like some more lighting, the electrician is the person to call.
  • Carpenter & Joiner – If you would like some built-in wardrobes or a few custom shelves made, your local carpenter & joiner can handle such things, plus a lot more. Custom-made kitchen cabinets, renovating your staircase, or even building a bar in the living room, are all improvements that a carpenter and joiner can handle, and whatever you fancy regarding timber, he is your man.

All of the above are essential tradespeople that you could require at any time, so it is a good idea to pre-source these services and store the numbers in your mobile device, then you are ready for almost anything!